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A V solutions:


Utilising the very latest Black Magic Design & Kramer Electronics equipment for full  HD mixing or  playback on some of our slightly older Data Video S.D. equipment, Mosaic F.X.  can offer the complete  presentation  solution of computers, cameras, display TV monitors from Panasonic, Sony & Samsung up to 103" screens for most events. We also hold stocks of large format projectors from Epsom & Panasonic coupled with DiaLite Fast Fold screens & simple stage sets - add into the mix a very well trained team of skilled technicians for a memorable event for all of the right reasons. For most awards shows, conferences & corporate presentations  it normally consists of a mixture of live camera, Power Point / Keynote slides with some video & of course superb sound to make sure that whether it's the M.D. or a highly paid celebrity  presenter, everyone sounds  & looks great.


We have worked on a great many presentation events over the years in the UK, Europe & the Middle East - from a major private hospital group & Mclaren motors to Sky TV & the Games Aid Charity - to name but a few. Using our own stocks of top quality sound, lighting & AV equipment  - hiring in any additional specialist items as required to compliment Mosaic FX's large stock holding. 


   Awards events

With  suitable stage sets, superb lighting & great sound we can really bring your gala awards event to life using a mixture of live camera, slick visuals - mixed by our own top tech crew on to the biggest of screens. We have & do work with a wide variety of top talent & voice over artists, we can make sure that your guests have a fabulous evening - even if they didn't win the top prize ! At this recent event for The University of Bedfordshire we choreographed a 10 minute changeover from an awards stage to a 9 piece band set up so that the guests could party until the early hours.

  Funeral A.V.

A specialist service that  we offer is the  relay of images & sounds from the inside of a church or chapel, using cleverly placed cameras and microphones, all suitably, but discreetly mixed using our HD TV broadcast equipment on a closed loop to a second venue, such as a marquee or a hall nearby where the  overspill guests can join in with the service, clearly able to see & hear everything via our large format HD screens  and top quality  sound systems. We have also previously been asked to upload selected footage of the service so that  family & friends abroad can be involved.


Product launches

The latest Lamborghini URUS,  Mini Convertibles Range Rover, Aston Martin Vanquish & The Toyota IQ  - at a Park lane hotel or on the beach with T4 at Weston Super Mare or the local dealership showroom - different challenges every single time, but always a great event, with the manufacturers message getting across loud & clear, leaving the invited guests with a positive impression of the product & hopefully  some orders rolling through for the product as well.


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