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We work really hard to make dealing with Mosaic FX Productions (referred to hereafter as MFX) as straight forward as possible, there are still some legal bits & bobs that we have to comply with and we respectfully ask our clients to note  the same for future reference:


All dry hired equipment is the responsibility of the hirer and should be insured for all risks, including whilst in transit to reflect the interest of MFX, full valuations for insurance purposes will be supplied if requested.


Dry hired equipment is charged as being on hire until such time of its safe return to an agreed address in good condition. If equipment is returned damaged, missing  or faulty then it will remain on charge until the repairs / replacement  can be effected. We cannot be held responsible for any losses caused by equipment that fails when in service, we will arrange to repair or replace said equipment as soon is practically  possible, this also includes any equipment hired in from a third party for use as part of a larger hire agreement .


Delivery of dry hire equipment or a temporary installation to a specific venue, exhibition site or private address by or for MFX will be deemed to be the hire address, MFX  requires that if the end user or client is moving equipment between venues for whatever reason MFX must be informed in writing in advance of said move and the replacement insured address. At all times the equipment remains the property of MFX.


We reserve the right to charge interest (at the prescribed government published rate) on all outstanding invoices over the agreed terms, unless otherwise agreed our normal payment terms are 30 days nett.  From time to time with new and/or existing clients MFX reserve the right to request a deposit in advance of a specific hire or live event, where a deposit pro-forma has been issued, non payment within the terms agreed will mean the booked equipment / performance of MFX equipment and crew cannot be guaranteed and our cancellation fees will apply.


MFX will always try to be as flexible as possible with clients and promoters, as we fully understand the ever moving demands of the live event industry our cancelation policy is as follows: 30 days or more - no charges will be levied. 14 days or less 25% of quoted fee. for equipment, crew & talent payable in full. 7 days or less 50% of total fee. 48 hours or less 100% of quoted fees. Subject to the rehiring of any cancelled equipment MFX  maybe in certain circumstances be prepared to swap / exchange  for more suitable at nominal additional costs (as per our current published price list). For non payment of overdue invoices we reserve the right to  pursue debtors  through the UK courts system and ALL expenses so incurred will be added to all outstanding balances.

All of the fee's & charges quoted by MFX will normally include a cost breakdown for equipment, crew / operators & transport etc. Our transport charge will cover all of our expenses such as fuel, tolls  & parking fee's etc. Unless it has been agree otherwise in advance.  When MFX are booked to work on private estates (EG English Heritage  / NEC etc) or on private land any special charges / fee's etc or vehicle recovery expenses  HOWSOEVER incurred, will be the responsibility of the  said land owner / client. All expenses incurred or to be  reimbursed within a reasonable timeframe, please note para 6 above regarding recovery of outstanding moneys. MFX will look to their contracted client (s) to arrange free & unfettered access during the event period, at no additional cost to MFX.


As trade members of the Production Services Association (The PSA) and the Institute of Engineering and Technology  (The IET) MFX will always work within the professional guidelines that these organisations set down for their members and any other relevant (such as BS7909 - for electrical installations) applicable UK laws.  


Our registered address: is The Tythe Barn, Dog Kennel Farm, Charlton Road, Hitchin Herts SG5 2AB where papers may be served.  As UK registered  VAT company all of our prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. For hires or live events outside of the E.U. then we reserve the right not to charge VAT.


MFX carries £10 million of public liability and 5 million employee insurance, full details are available upon request .




The Small Print:




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