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       Specalist services:


Here at Mosaic FX Productions, after 20 years of operation there's not  many questions that we haven't been asked or situations that we have encountered and we know that most other suppliers and end users  in the world of live events have faced similar situations, whilst we can't claim to be a total one stop shop we know that we have most bases covered and if we can't do it from stock, then we have build up a superb data base of top quality, very reliable  suppliers - huge PA systems and outdoor pyrotechnic displays - to name just two area's that we outscorce to some of the leading company's in their respective fields. 

Dry Hire 

We have good stocks  of all kinds of stage, lighting, event mains distribution and cabling etc in our North Herts warehouse - all ready for quick dispatch or collection, so whether you need to rent in additional kit to bolster your own stocks for a specific project or just  to cover a last minute shortage whilst your in the middle of a build  - Give us a call, we normally can help !  



Due to the many and varied requests we have throughout a normal working year we don't stock our own generators but rent in from some of the leading event industry suppliers to ensure that we have exactly the correct size machines in the right locations with on call local engineers available 24/7 in case of a breakdown. We hold great stocks of  mains distro and cabling from 400amp Power lock 5 wire sets  right down to  13 amp domestic outlets for traders and outdoor fairs and the like.


Stage power & LIghting 
Glamping power 

When it comes to stage lighting we tend to be a bit old school, intelligent moving lights are superb and the latest LED technology is amazing, but a 72 1000 watt par can rig  - well we recon will still blow the crowds away and when used to light the right live music acts - can be mindblowing ! We have in stock either - so how we mix & match is up to you ! Or as we frequently are asked to provide a mix of the old and the latest hi tech - just let us know what your trying to achieve and we're sure we can help.

Having spent many years  as the main event electrical provider to the official Silverstone campsite, with around 18,000 campers on site for a major event such as The F1 Grand Prix with 750 caravan hook up points and installing in Glamping Bell tents with our bespoke designed power point / phone charging system to  nearly 300 separate tents at major  events  such as CarFest, V festival, Rewind to name just a few  that we we are proud to have worked on.

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