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        Sound Systems:


Although our prime focus is on Staging & lighting, a small but very important part of our business is the supply & operation of small high quality Public Address systems - we stock mixing desks, both digital & analog from the likes of Yamaha, Allen & Heath etc. with speaker systems from Ohnm & HK Audio - including their stunning Elements columnar line array Smart base system, which we stock in both black & white. Sennheiser, Shure & AKG are our favorite microphones & we have good stocks of  trusty SM58's right through to the latest wireless handheld & lapel clip mics.

Live Performance
Conference Sound 

We have worked on a great many live  events over the years, both in the UK, Europe & the Middle East - from private partys, award shows & festivals, we have had the pleasure of working with some  top named singers, DJ's & entertainers,  with our regular team of top flight sound engineers in charge of our sound systems - top quality high fidelity sound reproduction is guaranteed. 


Clearly legible speech, with just the right amount of bass frequencies to gain & keep your delates attention & bring that expensivly produced corporate video or Power point presentation to life, whislt at the same time looking neat & tidy so as not to be distracting to the audience.


Weddings & Parties 
Award shows 

With  suitable stage sets, superb lighting & great sound we can really bring your gala awards event to life using a mixture of live camera, slick visuals - mixed by our own top tech crew on to the biggest of screens. We have & do work with a wide variety of top talent & voice over artists, we can make sure that your guests have a fabulous evening - even if they didn't win the top prize ! At this recent event for The University of Bedfordshire we choreographed a 10 minute changeover from an awards stage to a 9 piece band set up so that the guests could party until the early hours.

A 21st party with a friend that DJ's, a 40th with a wireless roaming electronic violinist, or a stylish wedding breakfast speeches from friends & family or the longest part of most couples wedding day is the evening party, we can get the sound spot on for your event & without having huge great big stacks of ugly speaker boxes all over your chosen venue , controlling the overall sound levels to ensure that your guest & the neighbours are happy !

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