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For a number of years,  Mosaic FX has discreetly supplied & operated AV solutions for funerals around the UK 

Traditionaly our team has supplied, set up & operated  top quality audio visual  equipment  & relayed the live images & audio to a marquee or nearby church hall etc. especially where there is a large group of mourners, but only a small church.

Due to the current restrictions on numbers due to Covid 19 we are now being asked more & more to live stream funeral services from a variety of churches etc. Normally we supply a 2 or 3 person team of fully experienced techs & using top quality video & audio equipment, to live stream, enabling many more friends & family around the world to watch the  funeral service on their own devices - normally via a private YouTube link that we provide prior to the service, normally leaving the link live for 28 days. we also can provide a fully edited copy of the footage on a memory stick for future use if required.

For most venues we find that 1 or 2 fixed camera's with another "manned" but static camera to follow the various key elements of the service, we always do this with the upmost discretion,  & of course with our team wearing suitable PPE to help keep us all safe. If  required we also supply free standing hand sanitation stations at modest cost.


When we can, we always try to plug into the local internet, but we do also have specialist equipment so that we can also transmit the service using a secure mobile link, we find this particularly useful when we have been asked to also stream the burial from a cemetery. 

Please feel free to get it touch for more details & prices.

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